The designer

Founded by Clémence, Balèse is a concept born from the inspiration of women who have marked history, by their panache, their style or their independence.
Following several years working in biology, in order to learn all the beauty of the living and the interest of the preservation of the planet. Life led her here, to the creation of a brand that wants to be exemplary.

Through the creation of series of unique pieces, we can see the aura of women who have been to the top. Balèse represents the best of all women.

Its desire is to make you beautiful, sexy and confident. Wearable for any occasion, each creation will bring to your wardrobe the touch of madness that was missing. Inspired by another era, these pieces will remain timeless.

On a daily basis, Clémence is always looking for ways to make her life more green. By creating these characterful pieces, we hope to share with you the feeling that nothing is impossible. Fashion has to be respectful of the planet.

Fashion is changing, join us!


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